Petition Leaders in Texas Legislature to Correct Abusive Winter Storm Energy Charges

The Petition

Testimony from the Chair of the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) made it clear that only a bill passed by the Texas legislature and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott would compel the PUCT to correct the egregious energy overbilling that was a result of rules and decisions made by the PUCT and ERCOT (which is controlled by the PUCT). 

We are petitioning Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, the Texas Legislature, Attorney General Paxton, and the PUCT to:

  1. Reverse the artificially excessive and ancillary charges and correct energy charges to a level that is appropriate to the real cost of generation.
  2. Recognize the impact of price gouging on businesses and consumers as a result of the abusive imposed energy pricing. Texas retail energy providers, consumers and businesses alike are victims of this price gouging, which we petition the Texas Attorney General to investigate and take appropriate action.   
  3. Immediately freeze all pending energy and natural gas transactions, terminations, and penalties from the full week of the imposed high rate cap before they are irreversible to allow legislators time to investigate and take appropriate actions.

Our Call to Action

  • Sign the petition – if you sign the petition, we also ask that you share your story or reason why you are signing this petition.  Your collective stories on how the abusive pricing has or will impact you can be powerful game changers.
  • Call your State Representative today. To find your State Representative, click here:
  • To learn more about why this is important to you and how to contact your Texas senators and representatives visit Texans Against Abusive Energy Pricing on Facebook.

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